Survival of the Fattest
3 food cards


 In Survival of the Fattest you play as a cute (or grumpy in the case of Ol’ Grizz) woodland critter, with your own unique special abilities and play style. Visit Pinecrest Ridge, Pebblebrook and Greenvale to forage for food, but lookout for traps along the way!

Ol Grizz



Food is scarce and you are competing with the other critters to survive! 

Players compete over 3 seasons to find enough food to survive the cold winter. Use your unique tricks and play style to outwit your rivals.

To win, you must collect the right combination of food for your critter to survive, and then score more points than your opponents by completing recipes for in-game bonuses and end-game scoring.

Survival of the Fattest is a visually stunning family-weight game using action selection, hand management and unique critter abilities!

Survival of the Fattest is currently in development and expecting a 2022 kickstarter launch.

Art and design is under development,
final results may vary