Survival of the Fattest

In Survival of the Fattest, you take the role of 1 of 6 cute woodland critters each with their own unique abilities and starting deck of tricks. Use your unique tricks and abilities to forage for food which you can stash for later or spend at the Market to complete delicious recipes for in-game bonuses and end-game victory points. After 3 seasons, if you’ve fed your critter (required to survive!) and accumulated the most victory points, you shall be declared the winner!

Survival of the Fattest is a mid-weight, family friendly game using deck building, hand management, set collection and action selection mechanics to provide a fun and engaging experience in approximately 1 hour of game time.

Ol Grizz
Ol’ Grizz slowly opened one sleepy eye and peered out from his den. The snow had all but melted in the warm sunshine and the smell of spring filled the air. The old bear found no joy in the beautiful scene though, he had survived enough winters to know the work that lay ahead. His mind reluctantly turned to thoughts of hunting and hoarding; stashing as much food as possible while the woodland was awake and bountiful. The bear’s brooding was interrupted by an annoyingly cheerful voice: “Look Huni, another big juicy berry! This will be our biggest stash yet!” It was those two ridiculously radiant rabbits, Huni & Bunz. As he watched the little bunnies bounce from bush to bush a cunning plan started to form. Maybe he wouldn’t have to make such an effort this year? After all, there were plenty of other critters already hard at work! Ol’ Grizz pondered this new revelation. If he could apply a little pressure, maybe twist a tail or two, he might just be able to convince his new best friends to share...
Critter Rascal