From Little things, big things grow. At Dirty Rascal Games this is what we aim to do. We are a small family run game design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Our team has a 20 year history of providing illustration and design services to some of the biggest names in games. We have provided artwork to numerous well known card games, board games and RPG’s including Dungeons & Dragons, Thunderstone, Talisman, Numenera, Legend of the Five Rings and Dominion. Clients include AEG, Fantasy Flight Games, Rio Grande Games, Cubicle 7 and Monte Cook Games.
Our newest challenge is making the move from contributor to creator, launching a range of games under our own orange and white banner! Here at Dirty Rascal Games we are all about epic adventures set in vibrant worlds, challenging your rivals with clever strategy and laying the smack down on your friends and family.
Our team of dedicated gamers have been inspired to create their own set of rules and bring something fun and funky to the table. So, whether you’re a social gamer, new to the hobby, or crazy competitive, check out our up-coming games.
We’re fun, funky, and a little bit spunky!
Our Team

Lee Smith – Creative Dictator Director

Dirty Rascal GamesPlayer Colour: Green, always green!
Gaming Superpower: Being terrific at teaching others how to win while being terrible at it myself.
If I could only keep 3 games: Dominion, Dice Forge & Charterstone, even if I can only play it once.

I started my gaming obsession with weekends devoted to card slinging magic duels, table top skirmishes and epic role-playing campaigns. As a young Games Master I honed my artistic skills on countless character and NPC sketches for my gaming group.

Since then, my career has progressed down various paths from Bowling Alley Technician to Web Designer and Concept Artist to Air Traffic Controller! Throughout these changes I have always maintained a side profession as a freelance illustrator as a way to stay connected to the games I love.

My focus has now turned to game design. With the help of Kat to keep our projects on track and organised, I’m excited to bring some of my ideas to life. Dirty Rascal Games provides a creative outlet where I can bring my design and illustration talents together to provide some fun and quirky entertainment to our players.

Kat Smith – Chaos Coordinator

Dirty Rascal Games

Player Colour: Yellow.
Gaming Superpower: Winning without any logical strategy. Always the traitor in Shadows over Camelot.
If I could only keep 3 games: Everdell, Azul and Bunny Kingdom.

Before embracing all things ‘Mum Life’ I worked for many years in the Transport, Travel & Leisure industries in various administration / sales roles. (BORING!)

Then over the course of the next 15 years life got crazy. We had 2 beautiful girls all while moving interstate 5 times between 4 different states. Hubby was doing shift work and ‘Mum Life’ had well and truly kicked in.

Skip to now, settled in Melbourne and the kids getting that bit older. It’s amazing how much easier it is to find time for more of the things you love. Coffee, friends, games repeat!

With Lee being so artistic and passionate about games it was hard for it to not rub of on me these past 20yrs. So now we are dedicated to bringing our own kind of fun and games for others to enjoy. So while he is drawing all the pretty pictures, I am here keeping the chaos coordinated.

Kenzie Smith – Creative Crafter

Dirty Rascal GamesPlayer Colour: Pink.
Gaming Superpower: Mind reading especially in Love Letter & Mysterium.
If I could only keep 3 games: Stuffed, Mysterium & 10′ to Kill.

With a natural artistic flare at such a young age, Kenzie spends hours of her spare time finding creative outlets to let her imagination shine. From designing prototypes for her own new game ideas to creating thrilling adventures through stories and artworks her imagination is set free. Winning her schools ‘peoples choice award’ at the art show 3 years in a row, she is certainly set for greatness.

She loves to assist the team in whatever way she can including play testing games and sharing a valuable insight from a child’s perspective. Cooperative games are a favourite while party games, dice games and tile placement games are all a big hit too.

Kaitlin Smith – Mini Media Manager

Dirty Rascal GamesPlayer Colour: Black.
Gaming Superpower: I don’t need a superpower to beat you all! *eye roll*
If I could only keep 3 games: Detective Club, Dreamwell & Bosk.

With some cool art skills and a love of photography and the digital age, Kaitlin enjoys spending her spare time creating most of her art work digitally. She has had her art work placed on a large sign out the front of her school to advertise the art show, plus her work featured on the year book and school diary covers. It wont be long until she is contributing art work to our games!

Well in tune with current social media outlets she has valuable knowledge to share with the team. This social interest also flows through to her like of social party games and co operative games such as coup, 5 Minute Dungeon, Forbidden Desert and Codenames.

Our Loyal Test Subjects

A special thanks to our long suffering friends for their many hours of play testing and contributing valuable feedback to improve our games. Thank you Mick & Mim Robertson, Chris & Sara Simmons and Chris & Jamie Duncan.